Simparica – A long Lasting Flea And Tick Protection

Flea and tick prevention is a tedious and annoying task because these parasites don’t seem to leave their host by any chance. They cause many diseases that are debilitating to pets and thus must be eliminated at the earliest by ectoparasitic drugs. One such drug that is highly effective against these critters is Simparica. Its rapid acting active ingredient – sarolaner starts killing fleas and ticks within 3-8 hours and has been approved by FDA for parasitic prevention.

How Does Simparica Kill Fleas and Ticks?

Sarolaner in Simparica acts as an insecticide that disrupts the nerve activity in Fleas and Ticks, eventually killing the critters. The drug has been formulated for use in dogs that are older than 8 weeks and more than 2.5 pounds. Moreover, the protection provided by this product is month long. It kills the fleas before they even lay eggs so the life cycle is broken which prevents further infestation.

Specifically Defined Activities Of Simparica

• Simparica is known for the treatment and prevention of Fleas. The action has been proven to kill 97% of the fleas lurking in your household within 15 days.

• Ticks are a transmitter of various diseases in dogs that can be life-threatening. Simparica flea tablet provides remarkable protection against all such diseases. These may include- Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever etc. Reason being, the active ingredient in Simparica kills Brown dog ticks, Lone Star Ticks, American Dog ticks and Black-Legged Ticks which transmit the aforementioned deadly ailments.

• The drug has been also known to provide exemplary protection against sarcoptic mange, ear mite infection and flea allergy dermatitis as well due to Sarolaner.

Major Benefits Of Using Simparica

Simparica has high efficacy against fleas and ticks as the product takes only a few hours to kill all these parasites.

• The major benefit of giving Simparica Chewable is its flavor. These chews are formulated according to furry pal’s taste buds. So, you won’t have to chase him to get the treatment down his throat.

• Another good thing about this product is – it is safe to use in puppies that are over 8 weeks. And being a preventative as well, this treatment can be given year long to your furry buddy to keep him protected from getting re-infested from the critters present in the environment.

• It can treat demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange.

• You can resume the dose if you skipped one. However, it shouldn’t be long enough that it happened.

Possible Side Effects In Sensitive Dogs

Some dogs may be allergic to Sarolaner and thus may exhibit mild side-effects like- Vomiting, Diarrhea, Weakness and loss of appetite. However, such cases are low. If at all you find these symptoms in your dog after starting the dose, he must be taken to the vet immediately.

Simparica is an amazing and a highly effective flea and tick control product. Just make sure the dosage is given according to the directions for the product to work with its full potential. Well, prior to any administration we would recommend you to consult the vet and seek his advice if the dog is already on some treatment.