Top 8 Reasons To Prevent Fleas With Comfortis

Treatment of fleas is a very daunting task. However, if measures are taken in advance these critters can be easily avoided. There are a plethora of options available for flea prevention but it is hard for pet-owners what to choose and whom to trust. Well, we would recommend you to go with Comfortis.

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Prevent Fleas with Comfortis

Kills Fleas Within 30 Minutes

  • With this formula, you don’t have to wait for a day or two to see the results. Its active ingredients work swiftly, eliminating all fleas within half an hour.

Contains Spinosad

  • Spinosad is a natural insecticide that kills fleas before they lay eggs. In adult fleas, it causes over-excitation of the nervous system leading to paralysis attack and quick death. Moreover, being organic, it is not harmful to dogs and can be safely administered to prevent fleas.

Highly Palatable For Dogs

  • Comfortis comes in beef-flavored tablets which dogs take voluntarily. You don’t have to chase them to get the treatment down their throat.

• Can Be Used As A Treat

  • Because it comes in a chew form, Comfortis can be easily given to your dog as a reward for his good behavior. However, stick to the dose-per-day mentioned on the label.

Comfortis Gives A Complete 1 Month Protection

  • Just use the preventative once a month and rest assured your dog is protected for a month.

Comfortis Is a Branded Product Of Elanco

  • Elanco is a well-reputed name in the pharma and healthcare industry so you don’t need to worry about the quality and efficiency of the product.

You Can Continue The Course Even If You Have Skipped One Dose

  • Sometimes we do forget or skip the dose due to umpteen other things that we need to finish. Though it’s not good to skip the treatment, you can still resume giving Comfortis if it hasn’t been too late. It still prevents your pet from fleas. Isn’t it wonderful?!

The Treatment Is Also Available For Cats

  • Pet-owners that have cats and dogs both or only cats can also go with Comfortis as the formula is available for both the animals. Though, do check the label for the weight of the cat or dog mentioned for dosing. Never give a dog’s product to cats or vice versa.

There are many other products that can be equally good and effective for your pet. But it is a unique treatment that has numerous benefits and is natural. Critters that are sensitive and require fewer chemicals can be easily fed Comfortis for flea prevention. Furthermore, the formula can be used year-round to give complete protection against nasty fleas so why not go for it! It is also soft on your pocket. But please note- every drug has some amount of risk with it. You need to consult your vet before administering it and avoid dosing it to pets that are allergic to Spinosad.

Well, you can definitely give it to a healthy Fido or a kitty and prevent them from these annoying parasites.