National Cat Day – Top 8 Reasons Why Cats Rock

Cats are wise, cute and awesome. They make the best pets and improve our lives. And, there are multiple reasons why cats are to be cherished, valued and celebrated. So, let’s celebrate this National Cat Day and know the competent reasons why they are so special for us.

1. Cats love solitude
Cats will never mind alone time. They are the best partners for those who have long working hours or are usually busy with business tours.

2. Cats Purr
This is the calming and soothing sound that you can never ignore. This intriguing relaxing sound de-stresses you and relieves your whole day stress.

3. Cats embrace Freedom
Cats are independent creatures. Unlike dogs, they require little supervision and less social networking training. They love to move freely without much guidance.

4. Cats bestow unconditional love
The furry creatures love to show affection and care. The soft purring, wagging the tail and cuddling in your lap is the imprints they leave to depict their love for you.

5. Small Spaces can do for Cats
Though they are from the family of tigers, they do not require vast open arenas. They feel cozy and comfortable in the small confinements. Usually, these furry pals don’t require going outdoors.

6. Cats melt easily
You don’t need to die hard to bring the whole world at the feet of your cat to entertain her. It is quite easy and simple to please and entertain your kitty. A window perch or a cat tree can just suffice for your kitty as she can relax they’re happily and watch the world for entertainment as a picturesque is opened for her.

7. Cats are lifelong partners
Whether you are single, baby boomer, or an enthusiastic teenager, if you have a cat, then you need not worry about lifetime commitment from somebody else. Cats make the best partners and stay longer with you enhancing your life, even in the golden years. Lest, you take care of your furry darling properly providing her proper food, nutritional supplements, monthly flea and tick treatments and regular vet visits along with lots of care and affection.

8. Cats protect you from unwanted visitors
Cats are excellent predators as they can effectively protect you from rats, bugs, and lizards. They hunt these creatures and make your home a safe abode to enjoy without the fear of these irritating creatures.

Coupling up all these in the goblet of goodness, NOW you know all the good reasons why you can invite a cat to your home. So, plan to have a kitty and enjoy this National Cat Day along with your furry cat. The furry creature makes your life sumptuous to feel more valuable.

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