Cat Lovers Month – When It Is and What to Do?

Okay, let’s start with a couple of questions. Do you have cats? If yes, then great. Do you know there’s a whole month called Cat Lovers Month? Well, you probably never heard of it but its true there is a one.

So which month is cat lovers’ month?

It’s about time people celebrated a whole month for pets, right? Well, recently people have begun celebrating cat lovers’ month. This is celebrated in the month of December to make your cat feel more special than they already are. It is a time when cat parents strengthen their bond with their furry pal by spending more time with them than they normally would.

What are the things I can do with my cat for cat lovers’ month?

Having to bond with your cat and spending quality time with him is arguably one of the best feelings for a cat parent. This cat lovers’ month there are loads of things you could do with your feline. We’ve listed a few such things which you can do with your cat for cat lovers’ month. Go through them and once you’re done, jot them down and start planning for a fun-filled month with your munchkin.

#1. Go For Long Memorable Walks

You must have gone for walks with your kitty but due to work and other such hectic schedules, your walks weren’t long enough. This December take your cat for long memorable walks because your cat doesn’t only deserve it but because its cat lovers’ month.

#2. Play Fun Games

There are so many fun games you can play with your kitty. Games such as hide-and-seek and food hunting are simply loved by cats as they unleash their predatory nature. They use their sense of smell to locate you while playing hide-and-seek and food items when you play the food hunting game.

#3. Watch Television with Them

Did you know cats love watching television? It is kind of surprising but they actually do. So this cat lovers’ month snuggle up in your cozy bed and watch some tele with your little pal. This is a great way to relieve stress for both you and your munchkin.

#4. Bond over Grooming

Bonding with your furry friend during his grooming session is the one of the best way to spend good quality time with him. And what better occasion to strengthen your bond with your cat than cat lovers’ month. It does not necessarily mean you cannot bond with him during other months but you can increase the number of grooming sessions during cat lovers’ month just to make your feel extra special.

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There are many more fun things to do with your feline this cat lovers’ month. If we mention them it would probably never end. Anyhow, this December make sure you do some fun activities with your kitty because it’s cat lovers’ month and because you’d do anything to spend more time with your sweet little munchkin and we know that.