Ensuring your Pet’s Safety this Labor Day

The popular occasion of Labor Day usually witnesses a lot of celebration throughout the day with several parties, get-together events scheduled throughout the day. Delicious food, flashy decorations and happiness all around is capable of diverting the attention of even the strongest of individuals. However, pet owners cannot afford to permit any diversions at any cost because of the massive responsibility on their shoulders.
The responsibility being referred to is that of safeguarding the health of their beloved pets from any threat throughout their lives. Our furry companions do not enjoy the ability to interact and converse openly which restricts them from expressing their pain/ discomfort openly. Many pet owners even fail to realize the problems faced by their furry munchkins until it is too late resulting in nothing but pain and regret.

In such situations, it is advisable to pay heed to the famous proverb: “Prevention is better than cure” by looking to ensure that your pet’s safety is never compromised. It is all the more important to ensure optimum attention to detail during occasions like the Labor Day when your pet may be affected due to wrongful consumption of food provided carelessly to him as well as other possible reasons. Let’s take a look at different ways by which you can go about ensuring the overall safety of your pet on this Labor Day:

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on Labor Day

Ensure Non-Consumption of Chocolate: Labor Day is an occasion when people from all walks of life look to simply enjoy a good day in the company of their friends relishing some of the best cuisines out there. In the haste of the moment, some pet owners may hand over treats consisting of chocolate which are meant for guests, as meals to their pets which will certainly prove fatal. Chocolate contains a toxic component called theobromine which does not affect human beings as a result of the fast metabolism they enjoy but affects dogs who consume at a much slower rate resulting in a toxic impact on the overall system. The same component also has a negative impact on the health of cats that face the risk of being affected by tremors, seizures or even abnormal heart rhythm.

Protecting your Pet from Loud Noises or Disturbance: There are several occasions where our pets face a lot of disturbance due to celebrations being conducted on the streets or in the neighborhood with loud music being played. In such situations, it is very difficult for our pets to protect themselves from discomfort resulting in them reacting in an aggressive manner as a coping mechanism. One should ensure that their pets are protected from any unnecessary disturbance on Labor Day at any cost.

Ensuring a Safe Distance from Young Children: Occasions like Labor Day witness a lot of parties and neighborhood get-together full of delicious meals and merriment. However, as they say, the IQ of a dog is equal to that of a 2.5-year-old kid. Your dog may feel overawed in the presence of so much food resulting in him attempting to steal food from the plates of young kids or even interact with an unappreciative kid which will result in an unpleasant situation. It is advisable to ensure that your dog maintains a safe distance from young children during labor day.

Keeping your Pet’s Interaction Restricted to a Well-Known Crowd: Our furry companions are highly territorial in nature and do not usually look upon the presence of unknown animals kindly. They may react aggressively while interacting with an unknown pet with which they do not share a bond deeming him/her as a potential competitor with their presence sparking fears of being abandoned by their pet owners.