Remember These Tips As National Pet Travel Safety Day Is On Its Way

As we all get ready to welcome the New Year and hope for a fresh start, it is important to keep our furry buddies in mind. We must continue to focus on taking care of them and keeping them safe and out of harm’s way. Speaking of pet safety, the New Year begins with National Pet Travel Safety Day, which is celebrated on 2nd January every year. This special occasion is celebrated annually so that pet parents remember to keep their pets safe while traveling with them. In this blog, we will look at some safety travel tips that you mustn’t forget when you set sail on road trips with your beloved four-legged friends.

Tips To Remember for National Pet Travel Safety Day

Road trips are fun, especially when you travel with your dog or cat. And when you do so, it’s obvious; you’ll need to be extra careful. These travel safety tips should come in handy.

  • Microchipped or ID’s – It is imperative to get your pet microchipped. But if you prefer not to, then getting him a collar with his name and your contact details on it, is mandatory.
  • Carry Sufficient Water – If you’ve planned on going for a long distance trip, then carrying sufficient bottles of water is necessary. It will help in preventing your dog or cat from feeling nauseous and/or dizzy.
  • Toilet Breaks – To prevent any mishaps from occurring inside the car, it is always recommended to make stops in between. While traveling, toilet breaks are important.
  • No Head Sticking Out – No matter how pleasant the weather may be, never allow your dog to stick its head out. It could be very dangerous and fatal at times. Better roll the window screen up to be on the safer side. And if it gets hot inside, you can always turn the air-conditioner on or roll the window screen, leaving a minimum two-finger gap at the top for fresh air to circulate.
  • Pet Travel Essentials – If your pet is not used to traveling in a car or has hardly traveled long distances in a car, chances are, he might feel stressed or anxious. To curb such an issue, carry pet essential products such as Anxiety TFLN, Feline Anxiety Relief, and/or Travel Anxiety. These products are excellent at curbing anxiety and stress in pets.
  • Not Alone in the Car – Never ever, even for a second, leave your pet alone inside the car. Especially during extreme hot or cold temperatures, leaving them inside can prove to be very harmful to them.
  • Spread the Word – And lastly, remember to spread these valuable pet safety tips among other pet parents in and around your locality. It is crucial to spread and raise awareness about National Pet Travel Safety Day.

We hope all the pet parents out there will celebrate National Pet Travel Safety Day the right way. Stay safe, travel safe, and of course, keep your pets extra safe while traveling with them.

Bon Voyage!