Revolution- A Trusted Heartworm Preventive for Cats

Cats are intelligent and moody pet. They don’t listen to orders and follow their own will. Being mean but loving at the same time is also one of the very rare and attractive traits which they possess. Cats are playful and can be arguably called as the best entertainers. In short, they have “unapologetically me” sort of attitude. These are some of the reasons because of which most of the cat parents never get bored with them. You also might be one of them who love their cat. But one day you see your cat vomiting, coughing, facing difficulty in breathing and in some cases suddenly fainting. These health issues can be the symptoms of one of the most devastating parasite infestations called heartworms. Of course, it can be very saddening to hear because heartworm infestations, if not treated properly and in time, can be very fatal to your cat’s health.

So, it’s better to gather some knowledge about the most effective heartworm control preventive i.e. Revolution.

But before that, let’s understand heartworms and the symptoms.

Heartworms and their infestation

Heartworm larvae and small heartworms are taken along with blood by the mosquitoes when they bite a heartworm affected dog. And once the same mosquito bites your cat the heartworm larvae are injected into the body and then they travel through the veins and arteries, feed on your cat’s blood and grow in size. Their ultimate destination is the cat’s heart. And as soon as they reach the heart, they cause severe problems. But the good news is that heartworms infestations are very rare in cats as compared to dogs because primarily heartworms are genetically designed to thrive in dog’s body and secondly cat’s immune system is very active against heartworms. As a result, most of the heartworm larvae are killed as soon as they are injected in the cat’s blood. But the heartworms which still survive the cat’s immune system can cause more damage than the heartworms in dogs.


In cats, heartworm is more of a lung disease than a heart disease because after reaching the heart, heartworms block the pulmonary arteries which go from heart to lungs. This results in vomiting, coughing, difficulty in breathing and lung infection. The technical term for these signs is H.A.R.D (heartworm-associated respiratory disease).

Later stages of these infestations can be life taking. Hence, it can be seen that the disease is a fatal one because the symptoms itself are lethal. So, it’s better to be safer than sorry and secure your cats from these malignant parasites. There are many heartworm preventives for dogs in the market but for cats, there are few. And one of those few heartworm preventives is Revolution.


Revolution is known for it’s broad spectrum treatments. The preventive is a topical solution and can be effectively used for securing your cats from heartworms and their symptoms. Apart from blocking heartworm infestations, the spot on is also widely used for treating fleas and ticks, ear mites and intestinal worm infestations.

Benefits of Revolutions as a heartworm preventive-

• This all-around treatment can be given to breeding, lactating and pregnant cats.
• It can be given to heartworm positive cats having adult heartworms to prevent further heartworm infestations.
• Easy to monthly spot on.
• No or minimal side effects.

How does it work?

The active ingredient Selamectin penetrates the skin and reaches your pet’s bloodstream and tissue fluids. Presence of Selamectin in the bloodstream prevents the heartworm disease.


It can be given to kittens more than 8 weeks of age.
Please refer to the table given below to have a clear idea of the dosage.




mgpertube Potancy



Volume (ml)

Up to 5 Mauve 15 mg 60 0.25
5.1 – 15 Blue 45 mg 60 0.75
15.1 -22 Taupe 15 mg 60 1.0

Please don’t administer the spot on ill, weak or underweight cats. There is a chance that your cat might suffer from diarrhea after the application but it’s temporary and is seen in less than 1% cats.

Always make sure that the environment your cat is playing is mosquito free and if your kitty likes to go out and play in the garden, then make sure your kitty is protected from Revolution spot-on. Your pet deserves freedom; just make sure that the fear of heartworm disease doesn’t force you to take your pet’s freedom away. Live, love and laugh with your cat forever.