Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be An Easy Victim For Ticks

Fluffy creatures like dogs often suffer from the bite of pests called Ticks. There is no particular age or breed that is affected by the ticks. Ticks are parasites that feed from one animal and jumps onto the other. This might be harmful for your dog as these ticks might be carrying some diseases from the previous hosts. Preventing your dog from this bloodsucking parasite is necessary.

Where do the ticks come from?

  • When you take your dog for a walk in the park or in open its a possibility that tick will get attracted to the dog’s odor or warmth of the fur and climb up the feet and attach itself easily hiding in the fur.
  • Ticks usually affect dog’s in warm climate, so take more care of your dog in summers.
  • If you live in an area close to forests or parks, your dog is more prone to invite ticks.

How to look for them?

solutions for tick

Ticks can hide easily in the fur of the dog’s. Tick combs can be used to find the ticks. But, one must look in the following places regularly to ensure the dog’s safety.

  • Ears
  • Toes
  • Collar area
  • Groin

How to remove a tick from Pet?

If you find a tick in your pet’s body, don’t panic. Pick up tweezers and gently try to pull it off from your dog’s skin. Avoid doing it with your bare hands as it might infect you too. In case you are unable to do it, take your dog to a vet.

How to cure your dog if infected by a tick’s bite?

protect your pet from fleas and ticks
  • Effipro Spray is an effective product for treating ticks. It is used every 4 weeks and is effective for 3 months in dogs.
  • Prac-tic Spot On for dogs is a tick preventative treatment used on a monthly basis. It protects the dogs from tick infestations for 30 days. In bodyweight. It kills ticks within 2 days of administration.
  • Regularly check your dog for the presence of ticks.
  • Cut the grass short to prevent less infestation of ticks on the dog’s skin.
  • If your dog wears any accessory, treat them with tick repellents.
  • Vaseline, which is easily available can be applied to the affected area which will kill the ticks and help in healing your dog.

Keeping yourself, your pet and your house safe is most important of all. Live a tick-free life, follow the preventive measures. Stay safe, Stay healthy.