Know in Detail about the Lyme Disease

Is your dog the most outgoing? Or, your area is prone to ticks?

Well, even if none of the cases is the cause; still you need to be aware of the bite of a black-legged tick, to prevent your pet from Lyme disease. 

What is Lyme Disease?

It is a curable disease developed through the transmission of bacteria named as BorreliaBurgdoreferi after a bite from a black-legged tick. This disease cause fever in your dog, pain in joints, swelling in lymph nodes, and in severe cases, it also affects the kidneys.

What are the Symptoms of Lyme Disease and How to Detect it?

A dog experiences various changes in the body while they are affected by Lyme Disease. It is spread slowly and does not any sign of illness for up to 8 weeks. This progressive infection causes severe swelling in joints and limping, loss of appetite, lethargy, depression, and kidney problems. 

Lyme Disease is difficult to diagnose at an early stage but there are several tests on the market to determine the infection but the accurate results could be visible only after 9 weeks of bacteria transmission. A veterinarian is required to perform a blood test to diagnose infection and also detect kidney infection. 

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How to Protect your Dog from Lyme Disease?

You have to clear your myth before finding the protection solution. This disease is not caused in any particular season. It’s not a threat of summer or winter but an issue year-round. Your pet should be well protected against a preventive that has all the active ingredients to fight and kill the black-legged tick for a sufficient period yet constantly.

We have picked up the best preventive for the pet that helps you best in protecting your dog. 

  • If you ever see a tick on your pet’s coat you must instantly take it out with a tick clicker, without killing the tick on the coat.
  • All the pet parents should have a strict check on the right kind of prevention for their pets. The best precaution you can take is to give a preventive –NexGard. It is one of the best products prevailing in the market that works the best against flea and ticks. It is FDA approved that helps in stopping the infection of the bacteria causing Lyme Disease through its great active ingredient – afoxolaner.
  • You must always keep your pet’s vet visits on time and regularly to keep a better check on his health.