Be a Good Parent – Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Day


Being responsible towards your duties as pet parents proves that your pet’s loyalty towards you is fruitful. Furry friends are the best and loyal pals to you who never leave your side in any situation. Owning towards their responsibility is not a tedious task, you just have to ensure their health is not compromised in any way and they are being loved and cared for the most.

September month celebrates Responsible Dog Ownership Day to remind you to adhere to those responsibilities and be faithful towards fulfilling them. Some basic responsibilities as a dog owner that you should totally comprehend are:

Thorough Training Process
Proper training of a dog diminishes the behavioral problems and makes them learn and understand basic commands. Crate training is essential and it should begin when the dog is young so he easily adjusts to the new techniques.

Complete Nutritious Diet
Providing a balanced and nutritious diet to the pup required for his optimum growth and energy levels is a sense of major responsibility. Food is the basic need of all and preventing your pets from becoming obese is a good thought. Choosing the best food items and immunity boosters along with plenty of water (especially in summers) shows the role you play as a parent is convincing.

Grooming your dog to maintain his body and reduce the chances of infections is a point all the dog parents must adhere to. Clipping nails at regular intervals, conditioning and shampooing dog’s skin and coat, cleaning eyes and ears to remove dirt and debris, trimming fur, brushing teeth etc are all the grooming activities that must be carried out at proper intervals for a fit dog.

Identification Of Dog
If you have a doggy or you are planning to adopt one, then just putting an id on his collar is not sufficient. Anyone can tear that off or let loose of the collar if our furry pal gets lost. Micro chipping dogs after having a talk with your vet regarding this topic is a healthy decision. It ensures your pooch’s safety and security.

Vet Visits
Take time out of your busy life and take your pooch for a general check-up to the vet. You never know what signs of illness you must be missing out that has taken an onset to elevation. Letting your vet perform a full body examination and informing you about the details are beneficial. If your dog is diagnosed with some infection or disease, the vet may tell you at that moment what actions, treatments and preventatives to take.

Routine Exercises
Exercising, walking, jogging, running all these make you pooch active and burn down the calories he intakes that helps him stay fit and slim. However, don’t over-exercise your doggy which might be a juggling issue in near future when he might end up having joint aches.

On this Responsible Dog Ownership Day, all the dog owners and parents come together and make a promise to be staunch towards the duties you have as a pet parent. Make sure that you take good care of your dog’s health and use proper pet supplies for the same.