Adopt-A-Cat Month This June – Top 7 Tips for Cat Parent-to-be

Spring –with its glorious colors and liveliness is here, and what a surprising resemblance with the vividness and joie de vivre of a cat. Well, spring is also a ‘kitten season’ where hundreds and thousands of newborn kittens are brought to shelter homes, which are already crowded with millions of cats struggling to lead a quality life.

Though cat being America’s Most Popular Pet, they receive less veterinary care, less research dedicated to cat diseases, and are likely to be feral as well as more likely to be euthanized compared to dogs.

And thus, to address this overwhelming situation, American Humane society has proclaimed June as the Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. American Human society encourages people to adopt cats and help these cute fur babies lead a good and healthy life. With so many kittens and cats brimming out in the shelter homes, the staff is always eager to help you adopt the cat.

And if you are thinking to adopt the Most Popular Pet – then here we offer the top 7 checklist for you – a cat parent-to-be.

Not One But Two

When you have decided to take a kitty home then probably taking two can be a more humane act. Whatta say? So, consider taking two because as cats come from wild origin, hunting being their inherent quality, they do require physical exercise and mental stimulation along with social interaction. Thus, two cats can provide this for each other.

Match Making: Your Cat – Your Personality

As we do have our traits, so do cats have to reflect their unique personality. Apparently, cats with long hair and round heads are more social than the lean ones with short hair and narrow heads, who are typically more active. So, taking the help of adoption counselors, match the personality of the cat with your own. Thus, find a cat who meshes with you.

Schedule a Vet Visit Ahead

Any adoption is incomplete without a health checkup. Plausibly, prior to adoption find a vet and get an appointment for a health checkup within a few days of adoption. Take any medical records your kitty has from the adoption or shelter home during the vet visit.

Talk to Family Before Adoption

Adopting a cat should be a family affair. Therefore, before you plan and decide to adopt a kitty, talk to your family and everybody in the house should be prepared to welcome a cat. And, other pets are no exceptions too. So, when adopting a cat discuss with the adoption facility on how to make a proper introduction.

Before Cat Arrives – Stock up Pet Supplies

Taking care of all the things that your cat requires before he/she arrives is crucial. From her litter box, food, monthly flea and tick preventive treatments, supplements, dental kit, grooming shampoos to water and food bowls along with toys and a cozy bed, arrange everything.

Cat – Proof Your Home

With cats being quite frantic, and you not keeping a proper check on them, you will soon learn not to keep things laying out anywhere. Whether it is food left on the kitchen counter or loose items on the floor, your cat will soon hop on the counters for food or catch up the things laying anywhere to chew. Watch out that no electric cords are on the floor that your kitten may chew or any random thing like paper clips, nuts, screws that your cat might swallow.

Introduce Your Cat to Other Family members

Usually, a cat will take a few weeks to adjust to a new environment. So, it is good to prepare a special room having all the basic things like food, water, toys and bed for kitty. It’s also a great idea to spray Feliway solution around your cat’s surroundings as vets say that this helps your cat to easily and quickly adapt to your home environment. Thus, until your cat is not used to the surroundings, this will keep her much relaxed. Well, it’s a much slower process.

Adopting a cat can be called a heroic act, and in the present pandemic situation where America is still healing, adopting a cat is a win-win situation for both of us. A cat will not only gain a home to lead a beautiful life with a human partner but also help to relieve stress and build strength in .