Top Most Nutritional Foods for Your Kitty

We love pets and especially kittens are our most favorite. But, do you know that keeping kitten as a pet is not a simple task. You need to take care of this little furry baby and provide her the best health care. For every cat owner, cat health is one of the primary concerns. If your kitten is not healthy, then it becomes your priority to provide the best care to her and ensure that she becomes healthy. In keeping kittens healthy, food plays a crucial role. The digestive system of kitten is different than the mother cat. So kittens need different food than adult cats.

Nutritional Food You Can Offer to Your Pet Kitten

Canned Kitten Food

Canned food comes in varied flavors, which can entice the taste buds of your kitten. Kittens need more tasty and healthy food to improve their digestive and metabolic system. You can try some of the flavors like shrimp, fish and many others. A spoonful can be added to the daily feed or just offer the recommended dose as per your veterinarian.

Small Amount of Milk and Vegetables

Milk is the best diet for your growing kitten. Milk is full of nutrition and is easily digestible. Mother’s milk is the best milk than cow milk because it gives kitten strength to fight the disease. You can obtain mother’s milk replacer for your kittens available in the market. Provide kitten small portions of this milk many times in a day or as per the advice of your vet. If your kitten is 8 or 9 weeks old then you need not have to give them milk, but if your kitten enjoys drinking milk you can give it anyway. Adding some vegetables to kitten diet will be a healthy option. Green vegetables consist of plenty of fiber. Give your kitten a few florets of broccoli or lettuces.

Eggs & Cheese

Boiled and scrambled egg with a melted cheese is the best option for your kitten as it contains a lot of nutrients. Egg and cheese are rich in proteins, and helps in the proper growth of your kitty. Cut cheese cubes or slices into small pieces. Surely your kitten will love to eat them.


Water is the best nutrient not only to humans but also for animals. Provide a bowl of fresh and clean water to your kitten every day. Keep fresh water bowl available for all times, so that your kitten can have it at times when required.  Water aids in digestion process and helps to prevent dehydration issues in cats especially in summers.

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Before you offer your kitten any type of food, ensure that it is rich in nutrients. Your kitty requires nutrients on daily basis so provide a balanced diet every day.