3 Ways To Guard Your Pet Against Fleas And Ticks This Summer Season

The menace of fleas and ticks are most common during summer season and thus requires you to be ready with the solution to deal with the common enemy of your furry pal. Preparing in advance to tackle with fleas and ticks become more important if your area has abundance of wildlife or falls under the tick region. Similarly, in recent years the most worrying cause for a pet parent is the emergence of Lyme disease in pets, especially dogs. The disease is caused by ticks and is fatal in nature.

How To Protect Your Pet This Summer From External Parasites?

Use Flea Control Products
The best and the most effective way to safeguard your pet against nasty fleas and ticks is to use flea and tick control product such as Frontline Plus, Nexgard, etc. Check your area’s geography to select the suitable flea preventative for your furry pal. Add tick protection collar such as seresto flea and tick collar to your list to keep ticks at bay from your furry companion’s life.

Ensure Regular Cleaning Of Your Home Environment
Your home environment includes both the indoor and outdoor space of your house. Clean it regularly to disrupt the flea life cycle present in your home. Wash your pet’s utensils, bedding, furniture, carpets with hot water to get rid of the flea eggs, larvae, sticking to these objects. For treating outdoor environment such as garden area, you can use insecticide spray to eliminate the parasites living on the bushes, etc. You can also take professional help for limiting the access of these parasites in your home environment.

Groom Your Pet Regularly Followed By Vet Visit
Regular grooming will keep a check on the presence of fleas or any external parasite on your pet’s coat and skin. Grooming helps to remove that excess fur which is a favorite hideaway for these nasty creatures.

However, visit your vet if you find any sign of parasitic infestation in your dog or cat even after following the proper flea protection protocol. Because that may signal that the flea control product you are using is not working effectively or the fleas and ticks of your area are immune to that particular treatment as in the case of several parts of America. For instance, many flea and tick regions as Frontline Plus seems to lose its effectiveness on fleas. In other regions, people are picking up Nexgard for its easy administration.

So, this summer take a note of these three things and protect your pet from the common enemy- flea and tick.