6 Resolutions You Should Make For Your Dog This New Year

New Year is a new beginning, a second chance to start afresh and mend your ways. Probably your pet might be following a certain pattern of living this year but it can definitely be improvised to make him fitter and healthier the impending year. Here is a list of resolutions that you can make for your dog so that from now on each year of his life becomes healthier and more rejuvenating.

Feed Good Quality Food

Your dog is what he eats. A good quality food ensures proper nutrition, enhanced digestion, and greater strength. Therefore, make a resolution to feed healthy pet food that is appropriate for his age and weight if you haven’t already. You can also incorporate supplements in his diet for better results.

However, make sure not to overfeed your pet just because the food is nutritious. Doing so can actually lead to weight gain and may invite a gamut of diseases.  Watch out the portion size and maintain a fixed schedule to feed your dog. Good food is the way to good health but the balance is also imperative to avoid unnecessary diseases that come along with obesity.

Exercise with Your Dog

Since we are talking about obesity and weight gain, exercise needs to be mentioned without a doubt.  Regular exercising burns excess calories that you would have fed unknowingly and also builds stamina in dogs as well as yourself. In fact, it will be more fun to lose calories with an interesting company like your pet.  So make sure you include at least an hour of exercise and the additional physical activities in your next year’s resolution for your dog.

Put Your Dog on Preventatives

We all know how pestering parasites can be to our dogs. They not just create nuisance but are also quite debilitating to their health. This gives us enough reasons to start a parasite prevention program for our pets that must include flea and tick prevention, dewormers and heartwormers. Make this your top priority for it is the most reliable way to ward off diseases.

Go To the Vet Every Month

Regular examination of your dog’s health level is important to assure he is fit. Though most parents regularly check their dogs, a physical examination by a professional is more thorough and must not be skipped. If it is a pup then you need to pay more frequent visits because they must complete their vaccinations and require a constant health check. With adult dogs, however, this frequency can be limited to just one visit per month but must be followed diligently. Make this a resolution that in 2019 you would be on point with your plan.

Groom Him Daily

Grooming your dog regularly helps maintain good hygiene and keeps the diseases away. Hair brushing, teeth cleaning, bathing are all part of this regimen and thus must be incorporated into your dog’s regular routine. The cleaner he stays, the healthier he will become.

Other than that, regular grooming makes the dog more attractive and huggable so why not keep him that way.

Spend More Time with Your Dog  

This one is for you. Your dog craves for your attention and love. Make sure you give enough of it because pets that feel lonely and unattended can easily go into depression. So, take out more time for your pet this year even if you are super busy because you took responsibility and you must fulfill it without fail. You can actually transform his dull and monotonous life into a happier and livelier one just as he makes it for you. Be ready to play a stress buster for your stress buster because just like you need him, he needs you too. More so as he grows old.