All You Need to Know about Lyme disease in Dogs

Ticks have caused havoc in the lives of dogs and pet-parents. From making your dog’s life miserable to causing severe tick-borne diseases, these parasites have got no chill! Moreover, ticks, especially black-legged ticks (deer ticks) are also capable of transmitting Lyme disease to dogs. It is one of the most common tick’s transmitted diseases in the world. Therefore, it’s crucial for pet parents to remain aware of this disease. Taking the necessary steps and prevention can help keep your furry pal in good health. Therefore, to spread the word about Lyme disease, May is celebrated as National Lyme disease awareness month. So, let’s get to know more about Lyme disease and ways you can prevent it.

 What Is Lyme Disease In Dogs?

Lyme disease is mainly caused by bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacteria is transmitted to the dog through deer tick. These ticks are mainly found around grass and bushes and the infection generally occurs after the tick has been attached to the host for two days. Fortunately, Lyme disease is curable so there’s nothing much to be worried about. However, to avoid any health issues in your pooch, it’s always advised to take preventive measures.

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

The initial symptoms of Lyme disease are very mild, such as lameness and lack of appetite. Thereafter, it gradually affects the dog’s body, causing more health problems. Below is the list of symptoms that are observed in dogs that are infected with Lyme disease.

  • Sensitive to any touch
  • Trouble breathing
  • Loss of appetite, fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Complications in nervous system (a rare occurrence)

Upon observing any of the symptoms, you must pay a visit to your veterinarian for further diagnosis.

Treating and Preventing Lyme disease in Dogs

Lyme disease usually doesn’t cause any severe complications and can be treated with administering antibiotic treatments. There also no need to keep the dog in the hospital unless his condition is unstable. Therefore, the treatment is very easy to follow. Moreover, it’s crucial to prevent the disease to avoid any kind of treatment. So, read on below to see how you can prevent Lyme disease in dogs.

  • Keep your house clean by vacuuming it regularly so the ticks don’t find a place to hide.
  • Check your pet for ticks or fleas by running your hand across his fur.
  • During summertime, avoid taking your pooch for walks in the area that is infested with ticks.
  • Upon spotting any ticks on your dog’s body, remove them by hand or you can also use tick remover such as Frontline Pet Care Tick Remover.
  • Last and most important, regularly administer flea and tick preventives to your dog for complete protection from the parasites.

This national Lyme disease awareness month, let’s take the necessary steps to keep our furry friends healthy and free from flea and tick borne diseases!

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