5 Don’ts For Cleaning And Bathing Your Dog

When it comes to your furry pal, bathing is the least thing that he may like or may not like at all. Most of the dogs run and hide when it’s a bath time. It’s every pet owner’s challenging task when it comes bathing their dogs, especially if you are novice and can’t have any idea about what things you need to consider when it’s about bathing your pet.

A proper bathe make your pet feel better and their coats stay healthier and shinier. But, how many times do you bathe your dog? Many pet owners do have the least knowledge about this. Bathing once a month is enough for your pet. A healthy dog is not smelly, itchy or trying to scratch at their fur.

Every dog owner should know how to bath their furry pals and what are the do’s and don’ts related to bathing your dog.

Know The Don’ts of Bathing Your Pet Doggy

1. Don’t get low quality cleansing products

Pet market is huge filled with all kinds of products from high to low quality. Dog’s skin is quite sensitive and requires special care. Any human product can’t work and may at times can be quite harmful for your pet if used. Don’t use dog products on cats and vice versa. This can also be harmful as using other species products on the others. Moreover, do not mix two brand products. It could be quite dangerous. Always look for branded quality pet shampoos available at the leading stores.

2. Don’t bathe doggy too frequently

Dont bathe Dog too frequently

It’s not necessary for your dog to bathe daily. Especially when it is winter, your pooch requires less bath. Shampooing him too frequently tend to remove essential natural oil, which helps in preventing dry and itchy skin and dull coat. Bathing your furry pal once or twice a month will suffice and helps in keeping him clean.

3. Don’t miss Home Spa session of Dog

Home Spa session of Dog

Massage is one of the most important regimes that you need to add to your pet’s bathing protocol. Massage your dog’s skin and fur with branded shampoo while bathing. During the massage session, you are not only helping your dog to relax but can also feel any presence of lumps on his body. This allows you to find anything wrong with your dog or cat. You can talk to your vet and find out the solution for the same.

4. Don’t wash face and ears of Dog

dont wash face and ears of dog

Normally, pet parents make this mistake while bathing their furry pals. Water may get into their eyes, ears or nose, which can irritate them and can sometimes be dangerous. Moreover, lot of moisture is present in the wrinkles on their face apart from ears. Unable to dry these parts can lead to bacterial infection due to lot of moisture. Be careful while running water on their head. For cleaning face, you can use cotton buds and for ears, use otosol or epi-otic ear cleansing solution.

5. Don’t use hair dryer for Dog

dont use hair dryer for dog

For long hair, pet owners are tempted to use hair dryer to quickly dry the hair and specifically when it is cold outside. Whether your dog has short hair or long hair, avoid using hair dryer. The heat of the dryer can be quite hot and harsh on the sensitive skin of your dog. It can even cause dryness or itchy sensation or in events may burn the skin. Instead of dryer, it is better to use a towel.

After bathing, towel dry the hair with clean towel. Do not harshly rub your pet’s coat with the towel. It may cause rashes or irritate his skin.

Following these simple dos and don’ts, you can have a perfect bathing regime for your furry pal that leaves him fresh.