Simple Ways to Maintain Dental Hygiene in Your Dog

While it may make us very happy to present our pets with various treats from time to time it is also necessary that we take proper care of their teeth as they can be a major source of periodontal diseases in pets. Many of the periodontal diseases can affect your pet’s well-being and can disrupt their quality of life. You should at least visit your veterinarian once every year to ensure that your pet’s teeth are clean and healthy. Through regular brushing and cleanings, you can definitely provide your pet with healthy tooth and gums. Read on to know various ways in which you can maintain your pet’s dental hygiene.

The Importance of Dog Dental Care

    • You can slowly introduce the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth and start brushing them every alternate day. Don’t start this habit suddenly as pets don’t adapt to changes so quickly.
    • You can practice brushing your pet’s teeth at night when they are exhausted or after you take them for a walk or after their playtime. In this way, your pet won’t create a fuss as they are already tired due to their day’s activity.
    • To get your pet to brush their teeth you can also reward them with treats after they co-operate without creating any fuss. This will also make your pet look forward to these cleaning sessions.
    • You can try different types of toothpaste that taste good. This will also make your pet feel that they are in for a treat every time you brush their teeth.
    • You should clean your pet’s teeth and gums thoroughly and make sure no food particles remain stuck in between their teeth. You should also concentrate more on cleaning the upper arcade of your pet’s teeth as tartar gets accumulated over there.
    • You can also give chew toys and dental treats to your pet. This will help improve his dental hygiene without being blissfully aware of the same.

Brushing your pet’s teeth daily can be a frustrating task. But if you look at the future benefits it will save you a whole lot of money and time when your pet has healthy teeth even in his older years. You can consider this as an investment for your future. The more particular you will be in maintaining your pet’s dental hygiene the more healthy life your pet will live.