Suzie – April 25, 2019
Excellent spot on treatment

Profender Allwormer is an all-rounder! It protects my cat from all kinds of intestinal worms..

Courtney – February 26, 2019
Tapeworms eliminated

A wonderful allwormer is Profender. After one administration, tapeworms were eliminated. This product can come in handy for other intestinal issues too..

Noah – August 30, 2017
Quality product

First I like to thank my Vet that recommended this product. This is quality product I ever used for my cat. I am very happy with it. .

Jack – August 30, 2017
This is a wonderful product! 

This product has really made my life easier. Previously, I got scratched or bitten when trying to give a pill to my cat. But this product is in liquid form that is very easy to apply. So no more scratches for me and it works effectively. .