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The 8 Most Effective Flea and Tick Treatments for Dogs

Your dog is a safe haven for fleas and ticks once it is infested by them. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks will stay there until you help your dog to get rid of them.

With the passage of time, adult fleas and ticks will eventually produce eggs while feeding on your dog. If not treated on time, it is possible for a dog to develop a serious infestation within just a few weeks of time. Moreover, not only your dog but also your home is at risk too! Can be a daunting period, right? This is why we have listed here a few products that can save your dog from potential health issues:

Is your Pet’s Flea & Tick Protection up-to-date?

Our best bet

Why NexGard?

Nexgard: The Nex-Gen Solution for Your Pets


If you want all-in-one defense against fleas, heartworm, and the most common intestinal worms, Advocate is the best option.

Why Advantage Multi (Advocate)?

Oral Flea And Tick Control

Bravecto Chew

Why Bravecto Chew?

Seresto Collar

Why Seresto Collar?

Frontline Spray

Why Frontline Spray?

Bravecto Topical for dogs

• Bravecto spot-on contains main active ingredients called Fluralaner
• It works against fleas and ticks

Why Bravecto Topical for dogs?

• The treatment is administered as a simple spot-on and stays effective even when your dog gets wet
Bravecto Topical provides good protection for your dog for up to 6 months and controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

Revolution for dogs

REVOLUTION is a quick-drying, easy-to-apply parasite repellent that protects dogs from a wide range of internal and external parasites.

Why Choose Revolution For Your Dog?

Read : Revolution- A Revolutionary 5-in-1 Flea Treatment


Capstar Flea

Why Capstar Flea?

You can easily tell if your dog is healthy or is carrying a parasite on its body. If your dog is scratching, licking, and biting excessively, it probably is carrying a parasite. If you witness hair loss, redness and swelling, well maybe you should book an appointment with a veterinarian. Or if you’ve detected the problem and your dog is old enough for a treatment, you can shop online here.

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