Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder for Birds

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Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder for Birds
Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder
Brand Name: MedPet
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Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder for Birds and Racing Pigeons

What is Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder?

Highly effective Trimethoprim Sulfa powder is useful for treating pigeons and cage birds for E.Coli, Paratyphoid and Coccidiosis. The antibiotic formulation is a treatment for a broad spectrum of bird problems. The affordable, water soluble powder is used for preventing and treating birds and avians.

How It Works?

Manufactured by Medpet, the basic ingredients of the powder are Trimethoprim and Sulphaquinoxaline. The synergistic effect of both these ingredients is beneficial in treating various health problems in pigeons and cage birds.







  • Dissolve 5 grams of the powder in 1 gallon of clean drinking water. Administer the prepared solution for 5 to 7 days consecutively.
  • If required, repeat treatment after a gap of few days.   
  • Do not give water other than this solution.
  • Make sure not to combine this treatment with any other antibiotic treatment.


  • Effective against multiple bacterial infections
  • Treats Salmonella, E-coli and Streptococcus
  • Controls Staphyloccus, Mycoplasma, Partayhoid and Cocidiosis in cage and aviary birds
  • Water soluble and easy to administer
  • Prevents racing pigeons from major infections


  • The powder is highly safe but do not mix the treatment with any other bird treatments.
  • Take veterinarian guidance before and after the treatment. 

Trimethoprim Sulfa Powder Reviews

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October 4 , 2018
very easy to feed

It's always a task to feed my parrot, Batman when it comes to administering any treatment but this product is water soluble and can be easily given to him.