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Program Tablets For Small Dogs Up To 6.7Kg

Program Tablets For Small Dogs Up To 6.7Kg

69 customer reviews

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Program Tablets For Medium Dogs 6.8 To 20Kg

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Product Review

  • Prevents and controls flea population in dogs
  • Works by interrupting the flea life cycle,
  • Controls the development of flea eggs
  • Wide margin of safety
  • No messy pipette application

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Program Flea Tablets Dogs

What is Program?

Program (Lufenuron) is an oral parasitic treatment for controlling flea population on dogs and in the environment. Adult fleas that feed on an animal treated with Program will produce eggs or larvae that do not develop to the adult stage. This stops flea multiplication and protects dogs from flea infestation.

Program for Dogs

Program tablets contain Lufenuron. This active ingredient regulates the growth of fleas by inhibiting the growth of flea larvae and eggs. The chemical interrupts flea life cycle and stops the development of major life stages. This reduces flea population in the environment and protects dogs from heavy flea infestation.

Please note that due to Elanco’s acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, the product packs may have varied manufacturer’s name according to the available stock.


Novartis / Elanco

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  • Effective flea control treatment that stops flea eggs from hatching
  • Safe and effective with no possible side effects
  • Easy to administer in dogs and puppies
  • No mess of topical administration
  • Eliminates major life stages of fleas and thus prevents re-infestation of fleas.

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  • Program tabs is administered once a month orally.
  • According to the dog weight, select the dosage.
  • Administer directly into the mouth after meals or mix it with pet’s food.
  • Ensure that your pet finishes the meal to confirm complete dosage of Program.
  • For dogs over 40 kg, dose with the appropriate combination of tablets according to weight.

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  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Wash hands properly with soap after treating with Program.


  • Consult your vet before treating sick, debilitated and pregnant dogs.
  • Do not overdose with Program tabs.
  • Do not administer to puppies younger than 2 weeks of age or less than 1 kg bodyweight.

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Program Tablets Reviews (69)

Product Rated 4.6/5 (69 customer reviews)
Barbara – January 08, 2022
Works amazing

It effectively interrupts the flea life cycle and stops my pup from being reinfected..

Maurice – January 03, 2022
They're great

I've been using Program for quite some time now and I have no complaints using'em..

Kierron – December 13, 2021
Does the job!

Its been a couple of years since I've been using it, and it doesn't disappoint me .

Maurice – December 06, 2021
Fleas are gone

Fleas were a problem for me but since we've started using Program, the life has become easy..

Jannie – November 18, 2021
Worked well

Since we've started using Program flavor tablets, fleas are no longer an issue for us..