yasmine – May 23, 2019
great topical treatment

I have been using this treatment on my cat for a year and it has proven to be very effective. Highly recommend it..

brick – May 11, 2019
one dose and all fleas are gone

Only a single dose of Bravecto protects my cat from fleas and ticks for three months! This long lasting product works amazingly against flea infestation..

Carter – May 01, 2019
one solution for ticks and fleas

Bravecto is very easy to apply and starts killing ticks and fleas in few hours. Very nice product..

Annabelle – April 23, 2019
Love this website

Bravecto is a brilliant spot on treatment for cats and it was delivered on time. .

Eric – April 09, 2019
Great product for cats

Eliminates all existing fleas in no time. Great product!.