Braucksieck – November 18, 2019
best wormer

using since five years and still using the same product. no changes.

Daughton – September 29, 2019

i use it regularly so my pug dont have to face any worm issues. .

La mach – August 26, 2019

so far so good. no issues with this one. thanks.

James – September 07, 2017
Perfect for My dogs

I like this product as I use it every 3 months for all my 5 rescue dogs and none have a problem or reaction from it and it keeps them worms free. .

Pamela – September 07, 2017
Easy wormer

This wormer comes in different sizes to enable me to get the right dose for each of my dogs. My dogs eat them happily just mixed in with their usual meal. Good value for money. No side effects. .