Natures Answer Glucosamine for Dogs

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Natures Answer Glucosamine 500Mg
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Natures Answer Glucosamine for Dogs
Natures Answer Glucosamine
Brand Name: Mavlab
Ratings: 4 - Reviews: 3

Manufactured by Mavlab, Nature’s Answer Glucosamine is a food supplement administered to dogs. These chewable honey flavored tablets give relief in arthritic disorders found in dogs. Long term treatment with these tablets may reduce non infectious joint inflammation.




Glucosamine Hydrochloride


Weigh your dog before starting the treatment. The dosage is decided as per the weight of the dog. Initial treatment with Nature’s Answer Glucosamine should be for at least 4-6 weeks. Followed by this, you can keep the dog on maintenance dose.

Please use the tablets under the guidance of a vet. Refrain from administering these tablets for acute joint inflammation. Consult a vet before treating pregnant or lactating bitches with these tablets.

Easy to administer, the tablets can be powdered and sprinkled on the dog’s food. Make sure that you pet eats the meal completely to finish the entire dosage.


Dog weight Initial treatment dose/day Maintenance dose/day
<5 Kg ¼ tablet ¼ tablet
5-10 Kg 1 tablet ½ tablet
11-20 Kg 2 tablets 1 tablet
21-30 Kg 3 tablets 1 ½ tablets
31-40 Kg 4 tablets 2 tablets
41-50 Kg 5 tablets 2 ½ tablets
51-60 Kg 6 tablets 3 tablets
>60 Kg 7 tablets 3 ½ tablets


  • Nutritional supplement for joint health in dogs
  • Improves mobility and supports optimal joint function
  • Assists in normal cartilage metabolism
  • Lowers joint pain and inflammation and provides relief from pain
  • Controls and prevents signs of arthritis in dogs


  • Please note that these tablets are NOT recommended for acute joint inflammation.
  • Consulting a vet before administering the tablets to lactating and pregnant bitches is a must. 

Natures Answer Glucosamine Reviews

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September 24, 2019
Better than local brand

started using recently and can say that it is way better than the local brand. well prices are too good.

August 2 , 2019
Relieves Pain in Joints

I have been feeding this supplement to my dog since five months and I am definitely seeing his behavior change. He doesn't seem in pain now.

September 27, 2018
Best for joint pain

I am seriously happy with the way this product treated my tessa's joint pain.