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Joint Guard for Dogs

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Product Review

  • Effective supplement for maintaining joint and bone health
  • Supports cartilage regeneration and maintenance
  • Best preventive supplement for joint wear and tear because of aging
  • Produces cartilage fluid and synovial fluid
  • Provides vital nutrients

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What is Joint Guard?

Joint Guard Powder for dogs is an effective preventive supplement for cartilage degeneration in dogs. The oral treatment supplies all the required nutrients for chondroprotective effect. It helps control arthritis in dogs as well as reduces inflammation on regular treatment. Joint Guard assists in joint health, improves mobility and keeps dogs active.

Safe to use in dogs and puppies.

How It Works?

Joint Guard contains two major ingredients – Glucosamine and Chondroitin apart from other minor ingredients. Glucosamine hydrochloride acts as the building block of cartilage to help construct damaged joints as well as maintain healthy cartilage functioning.

Chondroitin sulfate blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage cells. It helps prevent arthritis enzymes to destroy the cartilage.


Nature Vet

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  • A nutritional supplement for healthy and functional joints in dogs
  • Supplies all vital nutrients for active life and mobility
  • Prevents and controls arthritis in dogs
  • Helps support cartilage repair and maintenance
  • Assists in the production of cartilage fluid and synovial fluid
  • Regular treatment reduces non-infectious joint inflammation
  • An excellent preventive health supplement for joint wear and tear, cartilage degeneration and arthritis
  • Helps regains mobility and joint health

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  • Administer Joint Guard Powder according to your dog weight.
  • For initial treatment, administer Joint Guard for 4-6 weeks.
  • Treat with Joint Guard every day with each meal.
  • Mix the powder in water or food.
  • Reduce the amount of dosage seeing the improvement in dog joint health.
  • For puppies: administer low dose daily as maintenance dosage for protective effect.
  • For joint repair, combine Joint Guard with other treatments as per your vet’s advice.

For further information on complete directions and warnings, please read the product label.

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  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • For treating diabetic and obese dogs, consult your vets

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Glucosamin Hydrochloride, Purified Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate, Also contains MSM, manganese gluconate, calcium ascorbate (Vit C), zinc, copper, vitamin E

Joint Guard Reviews (22)

Product Rated 4.7/5 (22 customer reviews)
Theodore – February 26, 2021
Best Product

This product has made my stelly more active and playful once again!.

Derek – February 10, 2021
Amazing product

I bet you cannot have this amazing effective at such a discounted price anywhere else. Go for it!.

Kumbira – January 27, 2021
No other work better

I have used many stores and online stuffs for my pup but this one is wonderful. Worked better than all..

Jessie – January 19, 2021
Best for Joint Problems

It helped my senior spaniel to gain mobility and strong joints. .

Kenzo – December 07, 2020
Joint supplement

it has greatly improved mobility in our senior Spaniel..