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Product Review

  • Once-a-month flea prevention solution for cats
  • Effectively controls flea population
  • Controls flea eggs from developing and hatching
  • Breaks the life cycle and prevents a flea infestation
  • An easy to give oral suspension

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Program For Cats

What is Program Oral Suspension?

Program Oral Suspension is an excellent product to control flea infestation in cats. This once-a-month suspension controls flea populations by restricting the development of flea eggs and larvae. Start the treatment at any time and continue it for the entire year for total protection of cats from fleas. Monthly treatment helps control multiplication of fleas and prevents flea infestation.

How it works?

Program oral suspension for cats has lufenuron as the active ingredient. Lufenuron is an insect growth regulator, which easily gets absorbed in the pet’s bloodstream and acts from within. It interrupts the flea breeding cycle by inhibiting the development of flea eggs and larvae. Adult fleas lay eggs that do not develop and thus, reduces flea population.

Please note that due to Elanco’s acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, the product packs may have varied manufacturer’s name according to the available stock.


Novartis / Elanco

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  • An oral flea treatment for total protection
  • Powerful in destroying existing flea eggs and larvae, thus prevents future flea infestation
  • An ideal flea treatment for young kittens and pets who cannot take solid food
  • Destroys existing eggs and larvae within 24-48 hours
  • Effective in controlling flea population
  • Pets are safe from painful flea bites as the treatment kills by contact
  • Easy to administer monthly oral treatment
  • Helps in the management of flea allergy dermatitis

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  • Weigh your pet and choose the pack according to your cat’s weight.
  • Mix the dosage into the wet food.
  • Check that your pet finishes the entire meal to ensure complete dosage.
  • Repeat the treatment every month.

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  • Consult a vet before treating sick, pregnant, breeding, debilitated and convalescing pets.
  • Store at temperatures below 25 degrees.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Wash hands after administering the treatment.


  • Program oral suspension should not be administered to kittens younger than 6 weeks of age.
  • Adverse reactions are rare but may occur in hypersensitive pets.
  • If the pet shows side effects like lethargy, diarrhoea, difficult breathing, vomiting etc. then immediately consult a vet.

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Program Oral Suspension Reviews (35)

Product Rated 4.8/5 (35 customer reviews)
Karen – January 21, 2021
Wonderful Product

This wonderfully prevents flea population by controlling flea eggs and larvae..

Issac – November 03, 2020
Good enough

The treatment is quite good enough..

Mick – September 01, 2020
Ideal Program

The ideal Program for my cats..

Alexei – June 24, 2020
Beautiful product

What a beautiful and effective product Program Suspension is. Love it..

Barb – May 13, 2020
Oral treatment

Oral treatment that works. Good..